PLO Lumumba at the Lowell African Festival in Boston

This coming weekend, Prof. PLO Lumumba will be awarded with a prestigious award from the African Cultural Association: an organisation established to honor Africans who have done outstanding work in addressing  problems in Africa with the goal to improve the standard of living in the African continent.

“Upon review of the entrants, the ACA board, in recognizing that corruption and bad governance, are among the many challenges that plague our continent, voted unanimously to give the African Luminary Award to Prof. Lumumba recognizing that he has done more than most in raising awareness against corruption, tribalism and their devastating effects on Africa,” Ben Opara, Vice President of the African Cultural Association (Report on The African Warrior Magazine)

“I am humbled! The recognition gives me the energy to work for Mother Africa without loss of enthusiasm even in the face of adversities,” Prof. PLO Lumumba on his departure to the United States.

Prof PLO Lumumba is looking forward to meeting Diaspora Africans  at the event organized by  Lowell African Festival in Boston USA



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