In his speeches, PLO Lumumba boldly addresses the problems currently facing the common African citizen and passionately shares his opinion on effective solutions to the continent’s problems; Regional economic arrangements, promotion for “Made in Africa”, African unity, as well as visionary leadership and good governance among others.

Over many years Prof. PLO Lumumba has taken to remind Africans of the wisdom of great Pan-Africans with the aim to teach young African men and women what the strong and brave pan-Africans stood for.

Prof PLO’s energetic voice is being heard by the Youth and Political leaders as it continues to spread across Africa and will surely be part of African history for generations to come.

If you go into any hotel in Accra Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania half of the things that we are consuming are not from us and that means jobs and employment and I can’t agree more that until we solve the problem of unemployment we are not going to realise our full potential. African leaders must make the deliberate decision to begin to move in the right direction,” Prof. PLO Lumumba in 2015 Accra, Ghana


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