Prof. PLO Lumumba at the general assembly of Massachusetts.

Prof. PLO Lumumba was a special guest African at the general assembly with his US host Ben Opara, Vice President of African Cultural Association during his trip to the USA where he was received by the Lowell Mayor accompanied by Lowell City councilors, John Leahy and Dave Conway  

Lowell Mayor, Bill Samaras remarked  “When I researched and read more about you, I came to realize that your fight is not just about Kenyans and Africans, it’s about all human beings. I think you believe everybody should be safe, have a good home, a good education and a good future. You have written so many books about this including a judicial review. We are all very proud of you,”

“Thank you very much for this recognition. The beauty of such recognition is that it serves to energize one to remind us that we must move with renewed enthusiasm as we struggle put Africa in its rightful place among the table of nations,” Prof. PLO Lumumba

Grand reception and citation in the General Assembly of the Massachusetts House of Representatives in honor of Professor P.L.O. Lumumba (center) and African Cultural Association of Greater Lowell represented by Ben Opara (2nd right), by Speaker DeLeo (3rd left), Wednesday 1/31/18. PIC BY COURTESY



L to R: PLO Lumumba, Lowell Mayor, Bill Samaras, African cultural Association vice president, Ben Opara, together with city councillors, John Leahy , 2nd right and and Dave Conway, extreme right during the African Luminary awards ceremony at elks Lodge in Lowell Saturday January 27th, 2018. AJABU MEDIA PIC/DANIEL MAINA


Directors of the African Cultural Association, Zoe Arthur, center, Dr. Emile Tabea, 2nd right and Rev. Jeremiah Menyongai, right pose for a picture with PLO Lumumba, Lowell mayor and city councillors during the Awards night. AJABU MEDIA PIC/DANIEL MAINA

Make Africa Great!

Prof. PLO Lumumba was the key speaker at the Awards night 2018 in Lowell MA where he also received his own award honoring his outstanding work in addressing the African problems. “Make Africa Great again” was the title of his speech at the annual event organized by the African cultural association which attracts diaspora Africans from countries across Africa as well as many Americans.

“Professor Lumumba, it’s truly an honor to be in your presence. I know for sure through all what you have shared with us this evening that all you ever wanted is to realize how special Africa is. I am deeply touched by that,” said Mom before presenting the citation from the Massachusetts House of Representatives, recognizing Lumumba’s “contributions in fighting corruption and selflessly working to promote Africa’s empowerment.”

Prof. Lumumba addresses the importance to focus on finding workable solutions  to the contemporary problems facing Africa like Corruption and bad governance instead of blaming history. The African heads of state have declared corruption the major focus in 2018 which reflects positive progress towards the collective war against corruption in entire Africa. 

African cultural association Awards night 2018

PLO Lumumba at the Lowell African Festival in Boston

This coming weekend, Prof. PLO Lumumba will be awarded with a prestigious award from the African Cultural Association: an organisation established to honor Africans who have done outstanding work in addressing  problems in Africa with the goal to improve the standard of living in the African continent.

“Upon review of the entrants, the ACA board, in recognizing that corruption and bad governance, are among the many challenges that plague our continent, voted unanimously to give the African Luminary Award to Prof. Lumumba recognizing that he has done more than most in raising awareness against corruption, tribalism and their devastating effects on Africa,” Ben Opara, Vice President of the African Cultural Association (Report on The African Warrior Magazine)

“I am humbled! The recognition gives me the energy to work for Mother Africa without loss of enthusiasm even in the face of adversities,” Prof. PLO Lumumba on his departure to the United States.

Prof PLO Lumumba is looking forward to meeting Diaspora Africans  at the event organized by  Lowell African Festival in Boston USA



Happy New Year 2018!


A new year has arrived and the possibilities are endless.There is tremendous potential for Africa, her Youth and her leadership. May God grant all Africans health, wisdom, courage and passion to strive towards our Africa’s vision 2063!

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Prof.PLO Lumumba: 100 most influential Africans of 2017!

New African Magazine has announced its list of Africa’s most influential people and Prof.PLO Lumumba is among the 100 most influential Africans 2017 for his personal sacrifice and contribution towards Civil Society and Activism. This is a great recognition from the bestselling Pan-African Magazine!

According to the magazine’s Editor this recognition has been applied to people whose work or activity has had some sort of trans-formative effect outside their main calling.  The effect of which results into change of perception or provides inspiration to others. “Many in the selection have shattered the proverbial glass-ceilings or disability stigma and do so with great bravery, determination and personal sacrifice. Others yield economic power that impacts world markets” explains Anver Versi, Editor

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